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It is a great time to be a Democrat, and local politics have never been more important. Join our diverse coalition of Cortlandt residents working together to make our town and country a better place. Volunteer, donate, follow us on social media - we need your passion and ideas to keep furthering our cause!


Es un gran momento para ser un demócrata, y la política local nunca ha sido más importante. Únete a nuestra coalición de residentes de Cortlandt que trabajan juntos para hacer nuestro pueblo y nuestro país un mejor lugar. Haz trabajo voluntario, brinda una donación. ¡Síguenos en los medios sociales, necesitamos tu pasión y tus ideas para adelantar nuestra causa!

Contribute to the Cortlandt Dems

We are thrilled to be able to continue serving our community. The Cortlandt Democratic Committee has proven that we are ready to lead our town in to the future.

Our candidates run as a cohesive slate, so your donation to our committee directly impacts our town wide campaigns, and allows our town to partner with allies in national, state, county and other local elections.

With your donation, we can do so much more. Thank you for your continued support.

Haz tu contribución a los Demócratas de Cortlandt

Estamos entusiasmados de poder continuar sirviendo a nuestra comunidad. El Comité Democrático de Cortlandt ha probado que estamos listos para dirigir nuestro pueblo hacia el futuro.

Nuestros candidatos se postulan para cargos políticos en una lista de candidatos cohesiva y unida, así que tu donación al comité impacta directamente nuestras campañas de todo el pueblo. También le permite a nuestro pueblo asociarse con aliados en elecciones nacionales, estatales, locales y del condado.

Con tu donación, podemos hacer mucho más. Gracias por tu apoyo continuo.

Goals & Achievements

  • Balanced budgets – every year!
  • Since 1990, low taxes less than 1% on average!
  • Tripled the fund balance account!
  • Kept town debt low – just 1.05% of bonding capacity!
  • Expanded shared services –  saving taxpayers millions of dollars!
  • Expanded infrastructure with addition of 1.6 million water tank.  Another tank is scheduled for next year.
  • Established on-line tax payment for flexibility and convenience to taxpayers while reducing operating costs
  • Improved parking and access to the Metro-North station
  • Initiated on-line public accessibility to tax records.
  • Established five day tax payment extensions for seniors
  • Negotiated the lowest credit card processing fee in Westchester history
  • Launched one-time payment plan for homeowners facing foreclosure
  • New education facility for Seniors
  • Hosted summer concerts at the riverfront
  • Added Improvements to Town Pool with miniature golf and bathhouse scheduled for next summer
  • Expanded youth center programs
  • Upgraded and extended exercise trails
  • Secured thousands of acres of protected open space
  • Leading in the effort to redevelop Indian Point and to obtain property tax offsets
  • Prevented barges from being anchored along our shores
  • Promoted Solarize programs throughout Cortlandt
  • Prevented Furnace Dock Lake from being drained by Con Edison
  • Completed new award-winning Sustainable Comprehensive Plan for smart growth
  • Stopped the “Buzz” electric converter station from coming to Cortlandt
  • The town of Cortlandt has a proud tradition of honoring our Veterans and First Responders
  • In fact, Cortlandt is the home of many First Responders who have chosen to live and raise families here.
  • Home of the Montrose Veterans Administration, which we will continue to fight to keep in our community at its beautiful location on the Hudson River.

Meet our Trusted Leaders

The Cortlandt Democrats have been standing up for Cortlandt and Democratic party values throughout Westchester County and New York State for over 25 years under the leadership of Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi.

Debbie Carter-Costello

Town Council

James F. Creighton

Town Council

Doctor Richard Becker

Town Council

Frank Farrell

Town Council

Mary E. Breining

Receiver of Taxes

Maritza Fugaro-Norton

For Town Justice

Laroue Rose Shatzkin

Town Clerk

Cortlandt Dems Leadership Team

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Maria Slippen


Maria is a business owner, wife and mother of two girls in the Town of Cortlandt. She is a proud Democrat with a long history of service to our community.

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Michael Eisenkraft

Vice Chairperson

Michael is husband and proud dad to two small children. He is a long time Democrat and a partner at a private public interest law firm where he works on securities and antitrust litigation.

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Cristin Jacoby


Cristin has an extensive background in public administration and finance. She’s lived in Cortlandt with her husband and two kids since 2012.

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Dean McBeth


Dean is originally from Detroit and moved here with his wife in 1987.  They now call Crugers (ED 5) in Cortlandt home. If we each do just a little we can accomplish much.

The Cortlandt Democratic Committee and our political leadership has proven that we are ready to lead our town in to the future. Our candidates run as a cohesive slate, thus donating to our committee directly impacts our town wide campaigns, and also allows are town to partner with allies in national, state, county and other local elections.
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2020 Census | United States Census Bureau

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Councilman James F. Creighton

We wholeheartedly agree with Councilman Creighton! Thank you!

Thanks so much to all of our sanitation workers and DES staff for continuing to perform essential garbage and recycling pick ups through this emergency. Please check the schedule for pick-up changes ... See more

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