Cortlandt Candidate

James Creighton for Town Council

As a father of four children living in the Town of Cortlandt for more than 20 years, I know that we need strong voices with integrity on the Town Board who can work collaboratively on solving problems (big and small) in our community. My wide range of expertise and service to the Town and our community is unmatched, and I look forward to directing my energy and experience as an attorney, 15 plus years as a former chair of the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Advisory Board, Planning Board member and on two Town-wide master plans to help keep taxes low and to make Cortlandt a more resilient and economically vibrant community.  As an active community member who has a strong municipal background and extensive experience fighting for water quality issues in our lakes, streams and the Hudson River, for women’s health issues, for better parks and recreation services and for fairness in funding and regulations imposed by Albany, I have the skills Cortlandt needs at this crucial time — particularly as we fight for fairness from Entergy, Albany and the Federal Government with Indian Point’s upcoming closure.  I also want to bring that experience and perspective to the Town Board so we can move the goals and principles set forth in the award winning Envision Cortlandt sustainable comprehensive plan (which I spent years helping the Town analyze and prepare) to a reality while keeping taxes low, supporting our businesses and improving our parks, municipal services and housing.  I ask for your support in the election this November 7th.


Endorsed by the Democratic Party,
the Independence Party,
the Working Families Party
and the Women's Equality Party.
Jim and the Trusted Leadership Team will also appear on the Green Party line (thanks to the unanimous support of the Green Party voters in the Primary election)